2018 Winchester Marshall Custom Tackle Pin Set. 

Mary Ellen Sherer (OH)
AM Tiger Twitch and Troll
Steve Sherer (OH)
Hazmat Perch  Marshad
Tim McCaulley (PA)
Black Perch Marshad
Jerry Craiglow (NC)
Chartreuse Tiger Glide Bait
Bart Phillips (ID)
Crackle Frog Marshad
Merle Dutt (OH)
Night Tiger Marshad
Don Wagner (GA)
Neon Bluegill Glide Bait
George Lonneman (KY)
Purple Shad Marshad
Rob Murry (OH)
Orange Tiger Marshad
Sally Murry (OH)
Brown Tiger Marshad
An interesting tale about this set. Josh Marshall, who happens to be the son-inlaw of Steve and Mary Ellen Sherer, owns a tackle business called “Marshall Custom Tackle” and Josh features hand-made, hand –painted fishing lures of all kinds. The Muskie lures are his specialty. In this set, the 10 pins are pictures of his actual lures. The AM Tiger is named for Steve and Mary Ellen’s daughter, Alison. The fun part of the story is the lure business is a part time one and pays for the fishing hobby Josh pursues. And, as the saying goes, you now have the other side of the story about this set.

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