Lion Merle Dutt Personal Pins or part of sets.

District 13F District 13F District 13F
District OH5 The Children’s Circus Express
(March 2017-AT)
Two Clowns on a
Circus Zebra
(August 2020-CC)

District OH5



A Clown with his
Balloon on a
Circus Zebra
(November 2020-CC)

The Georgia Pin Traders
Salute the
Circus Wagons of America.
The Central Ohio Circus
(February 2021-CC)

The Georgia Pin Traders
Present the
Georgia All-American
Horse Drawn  Circus Wagon
(February 2022-CC)

New Hampshire Pin Traders
Parade of Clowns
 “Three Clowns in a Little Red & Green Car”
(April 2022-CC)

The Kentucky Pin Traders And the Kentucky Farm Barns Salute the Stars and Stripes
(November 2022 F&G)

Georgia Pin Traders Proudly Present the Kings & Queens of the Farm Animals
(February 2023 F&G)


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AT=Animals & Trains Sets (OLPTC members participation in other sets)
CC=Circus & Carnivals Sets (OLPTC members participation in other sets)
F&G= Farming & Gardening Sets (OLPTC members participation in other sets)


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