District 13K Award Pins and Explanations.









District 13K Leadership Training Pin and dangler example.
Webmasters note: Each year of the training, attendees received the Governors dangler pin to attach to the star pin.
This tradition is believed to have started in 2002.

White K Pin Awarded for three (3) club visitations.
Charter nights, projects, fundraiser, and Zone meetings outside your zone are included in total.

Sliver K Pin Awarded (if you wish) in exchanged for five (5) white K pins.
A minimum of 15 official visits are therefore required.

Gold K Pin Awarded once for every new member you sponsor.

Yellow K Pin- Awarded at the District Convention to secretaries who fulfill the Excellent Secretary qualifications.

Blue K Pin- Awarded at the District Convention to presidents who fulfill the Excellent Presidents qualifications.

Orange K Pin- Awarded to those Lions who successfully complete the K-O Orientation process.

Purple K Pin-Awarded to those Lions who successfully complete the K-O Senior process.


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