Lions Clubs International Key Award Program Explanation.

In October of 1930 the board of directors of Lions International established the Key Member program.  Its purpose was to recognize and reward Lions who contributed to the growth and expansion of the association through their sponsorship of new members. This program was the birth of the sponsorship awards and continues today.  Here is what I know from my research. 1930 to1964 (8) keys available as explained in this 1961 Lions magazine. In 1964 the addition of the Membership Advancement Key for six new members (9) keys available. In 1976 according to the Lions Magazine the 250/300 Medallion was added and a total of (10) keys were available. In*1983 according to the Lions Magazine the 250/300 medallion was replaced by the 250 and 300 member keys. In *1991 according to the secretary's manual additional Keys 350-500 was added , (15) keys are now offered. In July of 1995 the Key awards took a substantial change, redesigning the keys with a new look and numbers. The biggest make over in the 65 years of the Key award program, a total of (30) keys are now in existence. With board action in 2002 the key awards was introduced  back to the "original style". The original style was reinstated with (17) advancement keys as presented in the 2002 July/August Lions magazine. With some minor changes the Membership Advancement Key was changed from sponsoring six new members to sponsoring five new members. You can compare the differences from the 1992 magazine and the current seventeen advancement key award program. Eligibility: A new member must remain a Lion for a year and a day before the name may be used as credit toward a key. Webmaster note: if the Key awards started in 1930 as the Lion Magazine indicated, a timeline has been created to show the keys progression and changes.
* = revised 10/12/2014

Master Key Plaque.
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Senior Master Key Plaque.
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