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Announcing the Year-Round Membership Growth program: Prospective members may be interested in joining your club at any time. That's why the new Year-Round program was developed in 2000 to replace the October, Jan-Feb-March, and the Legacy of Lions growth programs.
The criteria for the Year-Round Membership Growth program  in 2000 was certificates bearing the International President’s signature would be presented to Lions who sponsor one or more new members during a Lions year. First new members – President’s Bronze Certificate of Sponsorship,
Second new member – President’s Silver Certificate of Sponsorship, and  Third New member and Higher – President’s Membership Excellence Certificate.
Lions Clubs International would provide each district governor with a supply of blank Certificates of Sponsorship and an information guide on how to prepare the certificates. It seems this certificate program only lasted a few years. Lions who sponsored three (3) or more members during the fiscal year would receive the Year-Round Growth Membership Excellence lapel pin bearing the International Presidents emblem. The International board decided in 2003 that the Year-Round Membership Growth materials would no longer bear a presidential emblem starting in 2004-2005. As you can see below this did not happen. New membership packets came with a Year-Round Growth  President's Certificate of Sponsorship, that program ended in IP Barry Palmer's year. You can get new member packets from LCI's club supplies office. Here is my collection of President's Certificate of Sponsorship certificates.



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