Complete International Convention Medals with Ohio Ties information.

 July 11-14,1990
73rd Annual Convention St. Louis, MO.

 June 18-21,1991
74th Annual Convention Brisbane, Australia.

 June 22-26,1992
75th Annual Convention Hong Kong.

 July 6-9,1993
76th Annual Convention Minneapolis, MN.

July 12-15,1994
77th Annual Convention Phoenix, AZ.

July 4-7,1995
78th Annual Convention Seoul, Republic of Korea.

July 9-12,1996
79th Annual Convention Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

June 30-July 5,1997
80th Annual Convention Philadelphia, PA.

June 29-July 3,1998
81st Annual Convention Birmingham, England. 

June 28-July 2,1999
82nd Annual Convention San Diego, CA.

1990: James T. Coffey of Toronto, Ohio elected as 3rd VP of Lions Clubs International at the 73rd International Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.
1991: James T. Coffey elected as 2nd VP of Lions Clubs International at the 74th International Convention in Brisbane Australia.
1992: James T. Coffey  elected as 1st  VP of Lions Clubs International at the 75th International Convention in Hong Kong.
1993: James T. Coffey elected as President of Lions Clubs International at the 76th International Convention held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1995: Floyd Newberry, Jr. of Sardinia, Ohio elected as International Director at the 78th International Convention in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
1996: Floyd Newberry, Jr. elected as 2nd year Director at the 79th International Convention in Montreal, Quebec.

Revised February 5,2017 added convention date info, 1990-1991 dates taken from "WE SERVE A History of the Lions Clubs"
1992-1999 taken from Lions Clubs in the 21st Century


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