Complete International Convention Medals with Ohio Ties information.

June 28-July 2, 2010
93rd Annual Convention Sydney, Australia.

 July 4-8,2011
94th Annual Convention Seattle, WA .

 June 22-26,2012
95th Annual Convention Busan, Korea.

 July 5-9,2013
96th Annual Convention Hamburg, Germany.

July 4-8,2014
97th Annual Convention Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

*June 26-30,2015
98th Annual Convention Honolulu, HI.

#June 24-28,2016
99th Annual Convention Fukuoka, Japan.

June 30 - July 4,2017
100th Annual Convention Chicago, IL.

June 28 - July 3,2018
101st Annual Convention Las Vegas, NV.

July 5-9, 2019
102nd Annual Convention Milan, Italy

2010: Jerry Smith elected as 2nd year Director at the 93rd International Convention in Sydney, Australia.
2018: Steve Thornton elected as International Director at the 101st International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.
2019:Steve Thornton elected as 2nd year Director at the 102nd International Convention in Milan, Italy.

* 2015 IC attendees could go to the Leo Luau for an additional $90.00 fee, free to registered Leos.
# courtesy of PID Steve Sherer.

Revised February 5,2017 added convention date info, 2010-2016 taken from the Lion magazine.


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